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Connecting Buyers and Sellers of Campgrounds and RV Parks

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Starter Campgrounds and RV Parks are well suited for the first-time buyer for many reasons but most importantly, the price is affordable to get you started in the business.

You will find Starter Campgrounds and RV Parks on this site priced under $600,000. These are the perfect starter parks in the perfect price range for the first-time buyer.

We have seen many first-time Campground owners who purchased a Starter Campground succeed with a few that became well worth over a million dollars. Yes, some Starter Campgrounds have the opportunity to become million-dollar winners but, even if you never obtain that million-dollar status, you will be living a rich and profitable lifestyle enjoying a fun and challenging way of life.

The basics of purchasing any business is first and foremost to be cash ready. That means selling the house, all of your toys, and anything else you have that you can’t take with you. Being cash ready places you in a better position than the buyer that has a home to sell before they can close a new purchase.

Remember, you are buying a LIFESTYLE, so if you need to replace your current six-figure corporate wage, keep your job. These Starter Campgrounds / RV Parks are not short-term investments but rather long-term investments.

They say there is no better time than the present to purchase a Starter RV Park or Campground and this is an exceptional time to enter the market.