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What are Starter Campgrounds?

Starter Campgrounds are just what the name implies. They are priced typically at $600,000 or less, have the basic infrastructure in place, have a large number of sites and acreage or may be on small acreage with a small number of sites.

There are those that are so darn cute you could just hug them! Its love at first sight and pride of ownership is evident throughout. These campgrounds are perfect if you want to supplement your income.

The mom and pop campgrounds are those that mom and dad built back in the 1960’s and unfortunately some of them never moved into the 21st century. Some of these campgrounds have not raised their rates in years, their entrance and directional signs no longer exist, buildings are in desperate need of fresh paint while some just need to be torn down, Facebook and websites are non-existent or are outdated, and they are still doing their daily rent tracking by hand on yellow legal paper with a #2 pencil.

These campgrounds scream for a new buyer to take them to the next level! They are being purchased not on their current income, but on what you can do when you bring them into the 21st century. New directional signs, a fresh new website and a presence on Facebook, a little landscaping, fresh paint on old buildings, updating bathhouses, and maybe even a new name. Remember, first impressions (physical and your on-line presence) always dictate whether or not the public will camp with you.

There is nothing better than being your own boss and driving your own success.